Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dave Camp, the Ghost in the House

When an elected official is corrupt, that official is–we hope–eventually found out, charged with a crime, and imprisoned. We call this “Justice.“

What do we call an elected official who is intent on never making waves, follows the directions of his party without fail (apparently so no thought is necessary), and who sides with major donors even to the detriment of his constituency? Dave Camp.

The only time in recent memory that Representative Camp raised his head as a national figure was when he and several other good Republicans “reformed” the House Ethics Committee in such a way that it could never function. The public outcry of the “reform” so embarrassed the Republicans that the leadership finally threw it out and reverted to the former, ineffective rules.

Congress is rife with scandal, and every day the press reports new findings about officials who have engaged in “crony politics” (translation: Cheney, Halliburton, and Big Oil), placed themselves above the law (translation: President Bush), imprison and “disappear” citizens from the legal system (translation: President Bush), and spy on their own citizens (yes, it’s Bush again).

Other Republicans publicly express concern, alarm, dismay, or anger over much of what is happening in Congress and with the Bush Monarchy, while those who agree with what is going on at least have the temerity to defend it. Has anyone heard Representative Camp utter any word, pro or con, about what is happening?

So, how does Representative Camp stand on the issues of the day? Does he agree with, for example, the latest revelations that the government is collecting phone numbers that we call under the guise of “security?” How does he stand on warrantless surveillance? How did he vote on the latest tax cuts for the rich? Call him at 1-800-342-2455 and ask him.


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