Thursday, May 18, 2006

Harbinger of November

Ass Kickin'

Via atrios, we hear of a Pennsylvania state senate special election that is rather interesting:

Andrew Dinniman has defeated Republican Carol Aichele to become the first Democratic state senator from Chester County in memory.

Returns were slow coming in last night, but when all the votes were talled, Dinniman was the victor, with more than 56 percent of the votes.

Could this be a harbinger of November? Well, just because we think we can see the end, doesn't mean we can sit back let it happen (see Pistons, 2006, and for more info see Red Wings, 2006).

Only by executing will this be a harbinger of the future. By working hard, and executing the plan, we will be victorious. This summer will be very important to setting the tone for the election.

Star Wars taught us a very important lesson: Never underestimate what a small band of concerned citizens can do to change the world. OK, so Margaret Meade said something similar too.


Blogger Jim said...

I worked on Andy Dinniman's campaign and I can confirm for you that the result had a lot to do with voter dissatisfaction with Republicans. Voter registration in our district is almost 2-1 in favor of Republicans, but enough of them crossed over to vote for Andy to give him a lopsided victory.

Andy Dinniman is the first Democrat elected to the State Senate from our area in more than 100 years. He is a great candidate and we worked hard for him, but this was the year we saw a sea change in voter attitudes. That's why he won.

While I was working at the polls, a number of Republicans even asked election officials if they could use Democrat ballots. Since this was also a primary, this wasn't allowed, but many of them simply abstained from voting for their own candidates and simply placed votes for Dinniman for State Senator.

This election was a huge upset for Republicans and I'm surprised it isn't getting national media attention.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Awesome...keep up the good work.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Yeah, too bad that 'liberal' media won't talk about it.


And did yopu all hear that more than a dozen Republicans lost their bids for renomination on Tuesday? 14, I believe, including the state Senate President.

So let's keep@it!

1:46 PM  

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