Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oakland County Republicans (with DeVos) to buy signatures...

How Republican Business is Done.

L Brooks Patterson of Oakland County is going to buy signatures in order to cripple Michigan. He is putting together a ballot iniative to repeal the SBT.

Here's what the goal is:
The campaign's goal is to collect at least 340,000 signatures, which is nearly 100,000 more than what is needed to send the measure to the Legislature. If the Legislature approves the initiative, it would become law, and Gov. Jennifer Granholm would not have an opportunity to veto it. If lawmakers do not approve the measure, it would go on the November ballot to be decided by voters.So this is seriuos. Granholm wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Our only hope would be with the voters.
Of course, the only way they will be able to get the signatures needed:
Patterson's campaign is contracting with a California firm, National Petition Management, to gather the signatures over the next 90 days.
This is the way Republican's think they can get things done, we'll just use cash. Who needs hard work?


Blogger Captain Salty said...

You know, the entire purpose of electing a legislature is to provide a body that will deliberate and consider these stupid ideas, and reject them as bad in the long term.

That is, until term limits started us on the road to where the lunatics run the asylum. No idea is too stupid, too short sighted, that it can't be properly marketed and sold to the masses under the banner of common sense government.

11:18 AM  

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