Sunday, March 19, 2006

Iraq Protest In Mount Pleasant Draws Larger Crowds

Anti-war protests in Mt. Pleasant last summer only had 20 or 30 dedicated folks coming out to demonstrate against the war. But on Sunday on a cool, but sunny day almost 100 people and at least 3 dogs and countless kids turned out to register their discontent with the Bush administration's pursuit of the unjust and what international scholars call an illegal war in Iraq.

It was a nice mix of folks who came out to hear readings from Mark Twain and Martin Luther King about the madness and fulitility of war and speeches by local clergy and activists including City Commissoner Jim Moreno. The event was one of 20 protests scheduled in Michigan to mark the third anniversary of the war. More than 400 anti-war events were scheduled on Sunday across the country.

Reporters from the Morning Sun and CM Life were on hand to report on the Mount Pleasant event. To see the Morning Sun story by Mark Ranzenberger click here.


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