Friday, December 23, 2005

Why Bush is Wrong on Wiretaps

He says he can break the law because he is the president. That is essentially the new argument the Bush administration has put forward to defend against the revelation by the New York Times that warrantless spying was done on American citizens. The president feels the Times needs to be investigated along with the leakers who helped get out the story. Others believe that hearings are needed to find out what the Bush administration actually did.

Now we find ourselves in a Constitutional crisis of historic proportions and Americans are seeking clarity while administration supporters in the media insist the president was simply doing a good job of defending America from terrorists.

Analysts and scholars are lending their talents to the task of sorting out the excuses and fabrications and among the best written pieces we've seen on the subject comes out of the Atlanta Journal Constitution's editorial page. Deputy editorial page editor Jay Bookman argues that for the good of the country the Congress and the people must challenge this latest presidential usurpation of power. The outcome could well determine what kind of country we will be.


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