Monday, December 12, 2005

Do Liberals and Democrats Hate America?

One of the most irksome and annoying pronouncements from those other folks is that somehow because we are oppossed to an unjust, uneeded, wasteful war we are all unpatriotic or that we "hate America."

They obviously don't know us. We do hate things our country has done in our name, but we do not hate America. Liberals and Democrats (not all Democrats are liberals -- we don't have idealogical litmus tests in our party) are smart enough to know that flags are symbols, not religious relics. We are smart enough to know that no country is perfect and that when our country goes wrong, its citizens need to correct it.

Our founders engineered checks and balances into our government because they knew how rulers can go wrong. They understood that mixing politics and religion leads to disaster. They also understood that when government goes wrong, citizens have an obligation and responsibility to right those wrongs and provide for the common good, not just the priviledged few. We love that our country allows us to do that.

Too bad it will take until next year to do that.


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