Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If You Believe in Democracy - Stand With Conyers

Our president has crossed the line many times. Now he is not denying he broke the law when he authorized spying on American citizens. It is time for all good Democrats and Republicans too to demand an end. Michigan's Congressman John Conyers needs you to stand with him in his demand to end the abuses of power by the Bush administration.

Please take a few seconds to add your name to the list of thousands of others calling for censure of the Bush administration and begin the first steps towards impeachment of this president. The time to act is now.

If you need more information before you step forward see the Daily Kos publishing of a new report from Conyers about the crisis facing our democracy. You can also find more information at the Raw Story blog too.

If you feel you can do nothing about what is going on in our country, you are wrong. If you feel you must be part of the needed change to move our country away from the dangerous direction it is headed, give your country a holiday present.

It is time for all good Democrats to stand up and speak clearly and let your voices be heard. Add your name to the list.


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