Thursday, October 13, 2005

At Least CM Life Gets It Right

Those poor folks at the Morning Sun seem to have one heck of a time getting their act together either in the print edition or online. Governor Granholm's visit to CMU on Tuesday afternoon was the subject of major stories in both CM Life, the campus newspaper and the local rag. But the student journalists outdid the so-called professionals both in the scope of their stories and most notably in their online pubs. The Morning Sun simply ran a picture on the online edition, but the story and picture cutline were missing. Very confusing!! Check it out. It looks like the Governor's pic goes with a story on the new seniors drug plan or maybe she went fishing and is trying to show how big the one that got away is.
Meanwhile, over at the campus newspaper, things were just fine
The Morning Sun could learn a few things from the students.


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