Saturday, October 08, 2005

Can We Do Anything About Dow?

After hearing about the long battle of the folks who live downriver from Dow’s Midland plant on Thursday night, many of you asked, “What can I do?” It’s easy to rattle off a list of folks to contact, but it is just as important to remind ourselves what America has become under the right-wing corporate elitists and thier allies.  They are destroying America and its democracy. When the largest chemical company on earth refuses to clean up after itself and even a Democratic governor is being enlisted to help them avoid responsibility, who is left to say, “No more.”  We need to remind ourselves why we call ourselves Democrats. We believe in people, not corporations. We are the buffer between the people and the market forces that could destroy us, if not regulated. Government provides balance to the market and provides a level playing field. It’s not necessary to make Dow into an evil monster, because there are numerous benefits including jobs that accrue to the area with Dow’s presence. But it is important that our elected officials enforce the laws we already have in effect and avoid weakening environmental standards that require industries to do the right thing. What can I do? Everything you can to fight the Republican control of our legislature. Provide enough support so that Democrats can take back America without having to rely on corporate campaign contributions. Dig deep. This IS your battle. See postings below on who to contact about Dow and dioxin.


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