Friday, October 07, 2005

Contacting Governor's Office about Dow Dioxin

"What can I do, " is one of the questions many folks had after the Thursday presentation at our monthly ICDP meeting about Dow's dioxin contamination of the Tittabawasee River and the Saginaw watershed.

Our presenters from the Lone Tree Council asked us to oppose:
nHB 4617 & SB 390 the misnamed "Homeowners Protection Act" which might better be described as the "Get Dow off the Hook From Cleaning Up Its Mess"
because the bills would do the following
  1. 1Delay cleanup
  2. 2.Increase cost of cleanup
  3. 3.Permit Dow to use an EI Dow paid for and submitted protocols on to determine the level of cleanup Dow would be subject to
  4. 4.Takes away over site authority of DEQ to determine site specific cleanup


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