Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bush and Camp Don't Care About Taxpayers

One of the mantras of the Republican Party in the past is that taxpayers have a friend in Washington, when actually only rich taxpayers have Republican friends in Washington.

The truth is Republicans like Bush and Congressman Dave Camp are ripping us off. Latest information from Taxpayers for Common Sense shows taxpayers are paying outrageous overcharges on Katrina relief efforts like temporary roof repairs from FEMA costing 10 times what they should. Check this out:

Taxpayers for Common Sense, a non-partisan taxpayer watchdog group is the same organization that rated our local Republican Congressman with the second worst legislative scorecard of all Michigan Congresspersons. Only Republican Congressman Joe Knowllenberg did worse. Camp got a pitiful 30% rating for keeping an eye on the bucks for taxpayers, while Knowllenberg got 5%.
Check it out here:


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