Saturday, June 11, 2005

Impeachable offense - Smoking Gun Number 2?

So Tony Blair and George Bush both deny the Downing Street Memo means anything. That's the leaked memo to a London newspaper that asserts before Bush told Congress about the need to go to war in Iraq, the facts were being "fixed" to meet the policy.

But Blair was very insistent when he came to Washington last week. ''The facts were not being fixed in any shape or form at all." And Bush added his lie on top of Blair's lie. No facts were fixed. ''There's nothing farther from the truth," Bush said, adding that military force was ''our last option." Do you remember what they said a few days ago? This Boston Globe story confirms what they said then.

So now everyone should be happy and rest assured that Blair and Bush have put that nonsense about the Downing Street Memo behind them, right?

Not on your life. Now comes Smoking Gun #2. Again it is from the British press. Another scoop.

This time it is a briefing paper that is being leaked and it appears in today's Sunday Times of London.

Blair and Bush are caught in another lie thinking they can get away with it. George Bush leads us to war under false pretenses. Tony Blair lies for him and tells all the British mininsters to get on board because the Brits have to lie for Georgie Porgie. I wish I were making this up. It seems so surreal. Perhaps the American press will finally do something.

Let me guess. The American press will quote the White House press secretary tomorrow saying the briefing paper was a fake.

Or maybe they'll just say, " So what!!"

"What are you going to do about it? We lied to take the country to war, but it was all for the good because we got rid of Saddam and we brought freedom to Iraq. " That would be the honest and unlikely scenario from the White House.

The Republicans don't want to hear about it, so on Thursday, Rep. John Conyers and other Democratic Congressional members will hold their own hearings. It's going to be an interesting week. It makes me feel sorry for those folks who voted for George Bush for the very first time.
They've been lied to most of all. Many of them have been repeating Bush's lies beleiving he was telling the truth.

The case for impeachment is growing.


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