Thursday, June 09, 2005

British Paper Doing It Again

If it is not uncovering Bush lies in leading the US to war, apparently The Guardian, is busy finding out something else about the Bush administration the neocons don't want Americans to know. This time it is about how the largest American oil company would rather destroy the global climate rather than lose a few bucks in outrageous profits.

Just like many of us weren't surprised to hear that the British newspaper had found irrefutable proof that Bush was heading into Iraq and would do anything to get there, we now have irrefutable proof that Exxon/Mobil was the major influence of US policy on global warming and the Kyoto accords. Profits ahead of people. Profits even ahead of destruction of the whole planet. Of course, if you believe we are heading to the end times, there is no reason not to make it all happen now, is there?

Do you suppose there was a good reason that Dick Cheney didn't want America to know who he was meeting with about American energy policy early in this fanatical administration?

Here's another piece of that sordid puzzle from our friends of democracy in Great Britain. Maybe in another few months the American media will pick up on this story and run it on Page C32.,3858,5210708-103681,00.html


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