Friday, March 11, 2005

Even the presidents hand picked...

Don't like the idea of private accounts for social security? Even the President's hand picked "bamboozlepalooza" ringers aren't for privatization. Bush even goes on to warn the people that the problem with government bonds is his deficit. Check it out:

THE PRESIDENT: Let me ask you something about the Thrift Savings Plan. This is a Thrift Savings Plan that has a mix of stocks and bonds?

MS. WEBSTER: Yes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Now, how hard was that to learn how to do that?

MS. WEBSTER: And I chose the safe plan, government bonds. (Laughter.)

Sure, but...

THE PRESIDENT: That's all right. Well, not so safe, unless we fix the deficit. But other than that -- (laughter). We're fixing the deficit. (Applause.)

Well, at least the President told the truth. (via dKos, Atrios, and ThinkProgress)


Blogger John B. said...

We sometimes forget that Social Security isn't just about government policy it is about people.

In this moving little piece from Christina Kasica we are reminded that what is important about Social Security is how it affects the lives of real people.

By the way, Bob, you are doing a wonderful job in demonstrating how useful a blog can be in getting the word out. Thanks for your excellent work.

8:13 AM  

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