Monday, March 07, 2005

Citizen bloggers...

There has been alot of discussion about this new thing called "blogs". Some people have heard that it's a new tool for citizens to express their views. Most people see it as a way to journal their own thoughts and ramblings. The media says that bloggers are only interested in muck-raking and scalp taking.

We here at the Dispatch want to introduce you to the different bloggers that are out there. We want to focus less on the pundits, and more on those trying to build a community and spreading the progressive message.

So with our first blogger, we would like to introduce MyDD stands for my Due Diligence. It was started by Jerome Armstrong (and we believe Chris Bowers), but it has morphed into a community blog where members can add their diary entries and comments. MyDD is part of a "tempest-in-a-teapot" for Jerome's work with the Dean campaign. Even though while he worked for Dean, MyDD was shut down to not cause interest conflicts, it still is being brought up to discredit Jerome and Dean for "paying bloggers".

Here is a recent Chris Bowers post on the issue of bloggers.

Go check it out!


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