Saturday, March 05, 2005

Senator Carl Levin in Mt P...

Senator Levin addressed a crowded Max and Emily's Restaurant on Saturday morning. The front room of Max and Emily's was packed with local democrats and independants. The senator discussed many issues, but the main focus was on Social Security, the Iraq War.

Senator Levin was very confident about Social Security. He started the discussion with an article from the 80's about social security being out of money and needing a billion dollar loan.

"That was a crisis," explained the senator.

He said that Democrats stood together on Social Security. With continued help from the grassroots, we can even change some Republican minds on Social Security. The Senator mentioned that Dave Camp, our Representative in the US House, was uncommited on a position on Social Security.

The Senator did not have good news about Iraq. He stated that despite the Bush administration saying that 120,000 Iraqi security forces are trained, our own Generals, including General Abizaid, believe the number closer to 40,000. He reiterated the importance of the US changing it's position from that of occupier, to invited peace-keepers.

What a great turn-out we had, the senator expressed his gratitude to the supporters of the Isabella County Democratic Party. Good job guys!


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