Thursday, March 17, 2005

Citizen blogger part 4...

billmon is classic. There was a time when he have long posts about national affairs, but then closed The Whiskey Bar down. He resurfaced in an interview bashing all of our beloved bloggers. He has since re-opened the Whiskey Bar, but mostly to do excellant historical comparisons to contemporary quotes, alway's with chilling effect.

Here is the most recent comparison of the right's attack on academia to China's Cultural Revolution:

It is refreshing that conservative students are increasingly fighting back against academic intolerance. Some conservative students at the University of Texas have begun compiling a "Professor Watch List" to warn students about professors who use their classes for liberal indoctrination.

Phyllis Schlafly
Confronting The Campus Radicals
January 12, 2004

Large numbers of revolutionary young people . . . have become courageous and daring path breakers. Through the media of big-character posters and great debates, they argue things out, expose and criticize thoroughly, and launch resolute attacks on the open and hidden representatives of the bourgeoisie.

Central Committee of the
Communist Party of China

Resolutions of the Eleventh Plenum
August 1966


Last spring I organized college students to investigate the voter-registration records of university professors at more than a dozen institutions of higher learning. I had them target the social sciences. The students used primary registration to determine party affiliation, although admittedly, it's not always an exact match.

David Horowitz
Closed doors, closed minds
June 20, 2002

The "working groups" organized sessions to expose and to criticize teachers and divided all teachers into four categories: good, fair, those with serious errors, and anti-Party, anti-socialist rightists.

Youqin Wang
Student Attacks Against Teachers:
The Revolution of 1966

July 1996

There are plenty more comparisons here.


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