Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Peace and Justice on Valentine's Day

Enjoy those flowers and chocolates today, but just take a moment to think about and perhaps do something about how they came to you. Amy Goodman reminds us today on Democracy Now that those flowers probably came from places like Ecuador and Columbia where flower plantation workers are exploited at poverty wages.

Much of the chocolate could have come from African nations were child labor and even slave labor harvest those cocoa beans. And big spenders need to avoid blood diamonds that have fueled some African conflicts for decades.

Peace and justice dictates a kiss and a hug and a little cute poem for your sweetie today.

Democracy Now can be seen live from New York on public access TV, Charter Cable Channel 3 Monday through Friday in Clare, Gratiot and Isabella and is also available now on both major satellite networks at 8 a.m. We are hoping to have a local rebroadcast soon each evening. Stay tuned for the latest.


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