Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What if the Twig had heard about truffala trees?

Would it have made the world much different if young Georgie (he's more a twig than a bush) was sitting on Barbara's knee and had been read Dr. Seuss's, "The Lorax?" Would little Georgie have garnered an awareness that you just can't keep cutting down all the truffala trees especially after being scolded by the Lorax who speaks for the trees.

Grandma Bush might have been proud if the Twig actually paid attention to scientists who warned him about global warming and how it could spawn hurricanes with far greater strength than in the past. But Georgie never learned that lesson and our world is in trouble because of that.

Ignoring global warming is a far greater issue than who is to blame for not responding quickly to Hurricane Katrina because our world is already profoundly changing and there are likely to be many more Katrina's in the next ten years according to Bill McKibben. Check this out for some startling awareness.


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