Friday, May 29, 2009

New Dangers in National Parks

You and your children are visiting a national park. During the Ranger’s presentation, you notice that the man next to your son is carrying a shotgun, and the man next to your wife is carrying a rifle. And they are carrying them like they are loaded. 

Thanks to Representative Dave Camp, most of the members of Congress, and President Obama, these men are carrying loaded weapons legally. This is because the amendment was tacked onto the recent credit card legislation that was passed by Congress and signed into law. This law replaced an earlier, more reasonable law from the Reagan era that allowed weapons to be brought into national parks but were not loaded and had to remain in the trunks of cars.

So you should let Dave Camp know that deaths and injuries from gunshot wounds that will occur in our national parks–possibly to you or your family–are in part a result of his caving in to the more extreme elements of the NRA. Going to the bathroom in the night while camping in the park has suddenly become a lot more interesting when the inebriated guy in the RV next to yours thinks you are a bear.