Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John McCain's Not-So-Secret Campaign

The current election is in a bizarre state. In a society so tired of Republican smear campaigns, I have to question what levels of apathy the majority of Americans must have. Has anyone actually been following the news? Does anyone even care?

Barack Obama, according to the National Journal, is the most Liberal Senator in the United States Congress.

The same poll was unable to rate John McCain because he missed more than half of the votes taken in Congress. That's right: more than half. The only Senators to miss more votes than John McCain: a man with a brain hemorrhage, a dead guy, and the guy to succeed him.

That's just a little bit of information I had to get out of the way. Anyway, this election is turning out to be a chapter from a Karl Rove strategy book, circa 2004. The Republican party has, once again, been able to fool the country (AP- John McCain is leading Barack Obama at 52%). The stock market fell 509 pts. Monday, one of the most devastating economic blows in history, thanks to the lax policies ann no oversight of the Bush administration. Strikingly, John McCain has somehow disconnected himself with the policies of George Bush by using the same smear tactics Bush himself used in 2004.

Let me make this perfectly clear: John McCain has voted with President Bush, including supporting his failed Economic policies, 95% of the time. So how can a man who offers no change from Bush's economic plan make people believe he does? Its simple: lie.

Well, ok, that may be a strong word. But John McCain certainly isn't telling the whole truth. Its actually amazing political strategy, I will give the Republicans that: they certainly know how to manipulate. Here's what John McCain is doing, and don't take my word for it: turn on a TV.

John McCain is promising to put the country on a different track, and bring change to America. What's odd is he offers no real plan to do so. Instead of ever offering an actual plan, McCain's speeches go a little something like this:

  1. "John McCain and Sarah Palin will bring change to America!"
  2. 'Backtrack a previous statement'
  3. "They are the real Mavericks in this campaign."
  4. 'insert three slurs about Obama'
  5. "Drill, baby, drill!"
  6. 'insert sexism accusations'
  7. "Experience you can believe in.
  8. 'insert elitism accusations'
No real ideas or plans, no specific solutions; just fancy one-liners followed by hundreds of personal attacks on Barack Obama's character.

In fact, The Washington Post calls John McCain's campaign "A Disgraceful and Dishonorable Campaign" and Time Magazine says he is running "the sleaziest ads...ever seen".

I've had enough of John McCain's series of lies about Obama to distract from actual issues. Even more, I've had enough of the same tactics the Republicans have been using to scare the American public into voting for them. Mostly, however, I've had enough of the implications that suggests about our society. Does John McCain really believe we are that stupid?. Anymore, John McCain's lies are so obvious that even the news pundits are refuting them, citing them as "deception". If the American public is as smart as I believe it to be, why is a strategy this blatant working? How can the American public take a Presidential candidate seriously who tries so desperately to pull the wool over everyone's eyes?

I personally believe America to be a great country full of smart and hard-working individuals. The problem is, many Americans have become too apathetic to politics. Who can blame them, really? The mean, bitter fight that the Republicans have turned Presidential races into is repulsive enough to deter anyone. That still doesn't excuse the fact the fate of this country rests on the outcome of the election: no person in this country will be better off by simply deciding their votes on the one-liners between two candidates.

I implore every American: take twenty minutes a day out of your life to watch some sort of nightly news. There's no possible way to determine who should run our country if you aren't even aware of who is running.

Many political analysts are beginning to wonder whether all of these dishonest statements are going to backfire against McCain. If something doesn't change, I'm not sure it will.

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