Sunday, December 02, 2007

Democracy Matters TV Show Tackles Global Warming This Week

While my two friends Scott and JT have been busy posting here on the Dispatch, the new media, about coal-fired power plants (those carbon dioxide spewing, planet destroying monstrosities), we have also been busy with the old media, and the message is similar. The new media has not YET replaced the old media in ALL segments of the population. Scott and JT do a great job of representing the new media and we do our best to remind folks that the old media still has something to offer, especially if it is ICDP-TV and not Fox, etc.

Democracy Matters #7 and our second ICDP-TV show of the fall season explores global warming from an international and Michigan perspective. For those Democrats who haven't yet heard that some creative folks in Isabella County can actually produce a television show as good or better than anything you can see on mainstream television with no budget at all, then perhaps you should tune in to Charter Cable Channel 3 in Clare, Gratiot or Isabella County.

Special guests for this show that begins airing on Tuesday, Dec. 4 are Anne Woiwode, the director of the Michigan Sierra Club and Murray Borrello, the director of environmental studies at Alma College. Dr. John Dinse, a recently retired political science professor from Central Michigan University, plays a more active role in this show as both host and participant in a lively discussion that also includes our own in-house expert on climate change, Dr. Charles Novitski, a CMU professor who teaches a fascinating 597 course on science policy with a very strong global warming segment. Regular panelist, Eric Welsby, who ran for state legislature last year, has another good show where he presents his down-to-earth look at another major issue.

The point of producing a local television show and our own half-hour panel discussion show, of course, is to think globally and act locally using resources that we already have to help to educate our local public that has been misled by the mainstream media.

The new media is doing an admirable job of informing the public, but has not yet reached ALL of the people, in fact, many of our Democrats don't even know what a blog is. But we now keep hearing that many more of our channel surfing friends are discovering Democracy Matters and all we've been doing for the past year.

We take some small amount of pride in knowing that people are watching. New folks are discovering us every week and they want to see more. We are working to bring more. But we are hoping to engage more volunteers to help. It's a lot of work to produce, edit, publicize and air Democracy Matters and not every smart intelligent person is willing to appear in front of the camera or work behind the scenes to make it all happen. Thank goodness we have been blessed to have so many great guests like Anne and Murray, Mark Brewer, Wesley Clark, and many others who don't think we are crazy for asking them to appear on our show. We can't afford to pay guests or staff.

But we are now producing a TV show that's pretty good. Some people tell us it's the best show on public access TV in our region. But the level of quality of most of those shows is not very high, so we are not sure how to take that comment.

But the only way you can judge is to watch and let us know what you think. So give it a try this coming Tuesday night, Dec. 4 at 8:30 p.m. on Cable Channel 3 in Isabella, Clare or Gratiot Counties and e-mail us at admin@isabellademocrats and give us your comments. If you miss the Tuesday night showing you can catch us on Friday or Saturday night. Check the MAC3-TV schedule here.

For those who don't have cable TV, we are now uploading all of our shows to Google Video. Links to shows are on the left side of this blog under the names of our party officers. Democracy Matters #1 through 6 are already there and we will have #7 uploaded some time next week after we are done taping and editing Democracy Matters #8.

For those who prefer watching our shows on DVD, we have also made a few DVD copies and are making those available for a nominal price. You can also stop by and check out our office lending library and snag a DVD for free. Just e-mail us for details at or stop by the office.


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