Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ICDP-TV's Latest Episodes Present Another View of State Budget Crisis

Following the coverage on the state budget from the major Michigan media outlets, you could be led to believe that both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the state’s budget crisis.

It is that distorted view of the state budget crisis that reminds us just how important our alternative media is in Central Michigan. ICDP-TV presents two new TV shows in our Democracy Matters series to shed some light on the real issues that underlie this Republican engineered budget crisis.

In our third edition of Democracy Matters that begins airing on public access television in Clare, Gratiot and Isabella Counties on Wednesday evening, May 30 at 8:10 p.m. Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer offer his take on the state budget and other Michigan issues. In the fourth edition of Democracy Matters that begins airing on Saturday, June 2 at 3 p.m. our panel is joined by Mt. Pleasant City Commissioner Jim Moreno to further explore the impact on communities around the state as Republicans attempt to squeeze the noose around state government.

Both editions of Democracy Matters will repeat a number of times over the next few weeks on cable channel 3 in all 12 communities served by Charter Communications in our 3–county area. Channel 3’s complete schedule is available on the Mid-Michigan Area’s Cable Consortium web site at http://mac3tv.com/

After their initial runs on public access TV, the Democracy Matters shows will be available on Google Video.

Democracy Matters is the public access TV panel discussion show hosted by CMU’s emeritus political science professor, John Dinse, and produced by ICDP-TV, a group of local Democratic Party volunteers. For more information about Democracy Matters go to the TV show's web site here.


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