Monday, April 02, 2007

Democracy Matters - Our New TV Show is On The Air

The first episode of our new panel discussion show, Democracy Matters, is now on the air. The new show which will air twice monthly or more is designed to be our local answer to the Tim Skubick show, Off the Record. Instead of his heavily biased, so-called objective show, we know where we are coming from -- an effort to produce real discussion and analysis about today's political arena with a bias for searching out the truth, not just political propaganda.

We have even created another blog for the new TV show to keep the discussion ongoing. Check out the Democracy Matters web site, where you will also be able to catch video streaming of our archived shows after they have completed their run in out 3-county area.

The second show will be taped this week and aired as the MAC3-TV schedule permits. The new show is produced by Democratic Party activist John Barker and a team of volunteers. Guest for the first show, a discussion of American media and why alternatives are needed is Jan Howard, executive director of the Mid-Michigan Area Cable Consortium.

Cable subscribers should check the MAC3-TV schedule here.

Democracy Matters will be posting future shows on Google Video along with other ICDP-TV productions. Check the ICDP-Dispatch for links to Google Video as well.


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